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Lado referral process

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Process to Contact LADO After a successful pilot the method for contacting the LADO has been changed permanently, where contact will be facilitated through dedicated customer service staff via telephone ONLY. Using email or the previous referral form will no longer be possible. 4.2 The LADO should be informed of all allegations that come to the attention of SCHT through the safeguarding process.

Lado referral process

The LADO ensures that all allegations or concerns about professionals or adults working or volunteering with children are recorded appropriately, monitored and   Complaints procedures are separate to the allegations process and just LADO referral form LADO leaflet for children, young people and their carers.
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Lado referral process

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• The LADO will consider the information and whether it meets the threshold for further consultation with Children’s Services and the Police.
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gcsx, pnn, cjsm,, etc.) to If They ensure cases are dealt with as quickly as possible and are consistent with a thorough and fair process. If an allegation is made that a professional who is caring for a child has abused them in any way, a referral must be made to the the LADO. However, the person subject of a LADO process needs to be aware that the details of the allegation and the outcome of a safeguarding LADO referral and LADO process could be disclosed on an enhanced DBS certificate if there has been a s.47 strategy discussion, police involvement, child protection procedures and/or if the local and/or national DBS contact the LADO service to request information. If judged appropriate during the initial contact with the LADO, an Allegations Referral Form must be completed by the senior manager in full and forwarded to the LADO via email within 24 hours. In the absence of the LADO calls will be taken by the duty safeguarding team. Depending on the nature of the allegation, the LADO will liaise with CSC and/or the police, before advising the organisation/school.