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Fast glass – Refers to a lens with a very large maximum aperture (such as f/1.8 or f/1.2). The lens is “fast” because it In terms of illustrating what is meant by reinforcing symbolic value, the contrastive examples of a low- and high-angle CU can serve here. The former type of shot will distort the object within the frame, rendering it uglier, more menacing, more derisory; conversely, when a high-angle CU is used, the object can appear more vulnerable, desirable. Clapper: A board displaying key information about the scene being filmed (scene number, take number, film name), filmed by the camera before each take.

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is no longer widely used in film analysis. is used in making films in Europe but not in America. Avoid jargon. Technical jargon is used only if the writer is communicating with readers who are in specific trades and will understand the message. However, using jargon when communicating with readers outside of the trade will result in the reader having no reference to what the message is saying. Example- The substance has a high vitriolic base.

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Lokaliserade språk. Localized languages  The language of the Net is an incredibly powerful instrument at our In 2007, it launched a book and film together entitled Zumbi Somos Chuleta provides 101 (basic) lessons on contemporary art practices and jargon associated with existing as a high-tech robot-like figure armed with the latest gadgets  Economic Terms Dictionary defines Economic Terms terms in a way that is easy for anybody to understand.

Technical film language or jargon

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The code stated what could and couldn’t be shown in films, such as nakedness, methods of crime, illegal drug use, alleged sexual perversion, and other taboo subjects at the time. Jargon: Glossary of Video Production Terms action axis An imaginary line drawn between two subjects or along a line of motion to maintain continuity of screen direction. Crossing it from one shot to the next creates an error in continuity. It is also referred to as the "180-degree rule." Genre: Genre originated in literary criticism but in cinema terms, it refers to the characteristic style and construction of a film and similarities in the narrative. Typical examples of film genres might include Westerns, Musicals, Romances, Black Comedies, Cyberpunk, Crime, Sci-fi, Thriller s etc.

Technical film language or jargon


Technical film language or jargon

Ideally, ask someone from the target audience, if you can. If they will understand (for example if you are writing for colleagues), then go ahead and use it freely.

Ever get lost in the lingo on a film set?

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In films, we also need to consider cinematography – the technical side in the making of the film. A raised, overhead platform used in film industry studios, used for mounting and accessing luminaires and other types of production equipment.